Team Building & Management Workshop

Team Building & Management Workshop 

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Team Building & Management Workshop 



  • Classroom – Sept 21, 2021
  • Virtual (ZOOM) – Sept 22, 2021




Team Building & Management Workshop is highly interactive designed to provide a successful team development process that increases the effectiveness of the team and individual team members of whether a new team or an existing team.

The Workshop focuses on how to implement practices for leading highly effective teams in unstable and often distributed environments. Participants will learn how to build and guide diverse teams that can navigate the impacts of external and internal forces and how to form, coach, and lead teams that are resilient and responsive to complex work and volatile contexts.

Effective organizational or team performance is based on a clear understanding of the shared goals, strategies, and work plans, along with the individual roles and responsibilities of team members. Equally important are interpersonal qualities of trust, communication, and mutual accountability.

This Workshop will address the importance of shared vision in team’s development as well as key skills needed to address the inevitable challenges that arise in teams, notably, appreciating individual differences, communicating collaboratively, and managing conflict.



At the end of this Workshop, participants will:

  • be able to escribe what a high performing team is and establish the conditions that must be in place to create one
  • discover the structure and elements that comprise high performing teams and apply tools that can be used to build them
  • know the most important drivers of team performance in almost any environment
  • employ leadership behaviors and actions to improve the performance of your teams
  • learn how individual differences and roles contribute to building a strong team;
  • gain skills in supporting team development through its formative stages;
  • gain skills in constructive communication;
  • gain skills in conflict resolution;
  • develop a vision of an ideal team;
  • gain principles and behaviours to guide team performance; and
  • know how to develop a plan for monitoring progress toward achieving their vision



Managers, Middle Managers, Leaders, Team Leads, Departmental Heads and Unit Heads. It is an essential training for all Assistants to the above as well as New Managers and Leaders and would soon be Managers and Leaders.




  • Classroom – N50,000
  • Virtual – N35,000



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Managerial Skills Development Workshop 





  • Understanding Team Building & Management
  • Team Objectives and Direction


Characteristics of Effective Teams

  • What Makes Team Successful?
  • Building Effective Teams Model
  • Teams and Trust


Building and Maintaining Teams

  • Stages in Team Development
  • Role Sorts in Team
  • Team Motivation
  • Team Challenges


Team Relationships

  • Defining Team Relationships
  • Building Blocks for Great Relationships


Team Leadership

  • Defining Leadership
  • The Focus of Effective Team Leadership


Team Collaborative Communication

  • Principles of Constructive Dialogue


Managing Team Conflict

  • Styles of Conflict Response
  • Model Conflict Management Process


Monitoring Team Development

  • Create a Shared Vision


Team Building & Management Workshop

  • Improving Team Effectiveness Action Planning!



Leadership Development Workshop


Delivery Method:

  • Facilitation, Presentation (PPT)
  • Video
  • Cases & Discussions
  • Role Plays (Classroom Only)



  • Classroom – Sept 21, 2021
  • Virtual (ZOOM) – Sept 22, 2021



  • Classroom – 10:00 am-4:00 pm
  • Virtual – 10:00 am-1:00 pm



  • Classroom – Bervidson Training Center, 3B Hakeem Dickson Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
  • Virtual – Zoom Live (Link will be sent to paid participants only)



  • Classroom – N50,000
  • Virtual – N35,000



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  • Bank: FCMB
  • Account Name: Bervidson Consulting Limited
  • Account No: 3432812015


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