About The Retail Roundtable

The Retail Roundtable events are invitation-only breakfast or dinner and networking events designed for enterprise level leaders – owners, c-level executives and senior managers in retail and retail supporting organisations. The need for The Retail Roundtable, its themes and topics arose from our conversations with retail enterprise level leaders and executives as they battle to […]

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The Retail Roundtable events have been specially packaged for your success. We spend a lot of time engaging and listening to the retail community to understand how we can help tackle issues that are germane to your success at our conferences. Practical and business focused insight:   Leave our events with proven, actionable ideas and strategy […]

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At The Retail Roundtable – TRR, Bervidson Group plays host to a morning or an evening of discussion and networking with enterprise level retail industry leaders and executives. We invite you to sponsor The Retail Roundtable – TRR event of guaranteed enterprise level leaders, c-level executives and senior managers in retail and retail supporting industries […]

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The Nigeria Retail Outlook 2020

  The Nigeria Retail Outlook 2020    The Invitation Join other enthusiastic Nigeria retail industry leaders at The Retail Roundtable (TRR) presentation of The Nigeria Retail Outlook 2020 with the theme “Navigating the Disruptive Changes and Challenges on the Horizon” holding on January 14, 2020 at the Lagos Continental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The focus is to gain the necessary insights to understand […]

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Joseph Ebata – Convener & Speaker, The Retail Roundtable

JOSEPH EBATA is the President of Bervidson Group, a retail & brand consulting, training, coaching and development. He is the Convener of preeminent retail industry conferences such as The Retail Leaders Conference, The Retail Roundtable and Retail & SME Startup Conference; Promoter of the Retail Academy and Retail Info; and Founder of Retail Association of Nigeria (RAN). 

Joseph is Nigeria’s foremost retail expert and transformation leader. 

He is the Chairman Vidora Luxury Limited, a luxury and lifestyle goods company and Council member of the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), leading global expert network that provides independent consulting services to business professionals worldwide.

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The Nigeria Retail Outlook 2019 – Building the Appetite for Sustainable Growth

  The Retail Roundtable presents The Nigeria Retail Outlook 2019 with the theme “Building the Appetite for Sustainable Growth” holding on January 17, 2019 at the Lagos Continental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The focus is to discuss key issues that will shape the growth and development of your retail business in 2019.     🔴 THE NIGERIA […]

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