Retail: Winning In Today’s Virtual Business Environment

Retail: Winning In Today’s Virtual Business Environment



Retail Training Calendar 2021


To win in today’s virtual environment, your team need a broad set of capabilities. There is no single competency that drives organizational excellence — rather, a collection of capabilities is needed across the business process.

By developing these diverse capabilities, your team are able to present themselves as truly professionals and more agile in their pursuits. They are equipped to move with the increasing pace of change and adapt in the moment to the customer’s needs. Simply put, there is a collection of behaviors and skills across the business process that needs to be honed and mastered by your team to spot, create, negotiate, win, manage, lead and grow the organization efficiently, effectively, profitably and sustainably.


Wow Service, Experience & Loyalty Workshop

Retail: Winning In Today’s Virtual Business Environment


At Bervidson, we have already figured out this collection of capabilities that you and your team inevitably need to guarantee greater success in today’s virtual business environment. We also took the next step to curate them for you in our  Retail Training Calendar 2021

We invite you to download and review the calendar, and select some or all of the training workshops therein as well as send in your nominations early. Where there are other capabilities you need that have not been included in this calendar, please do let us know and we shall work on how best to accommodate them. The Bervidson faculty is able to take on any project relying on both our team and partners.

All programs are also available both as CLASSROOM, ONLINE or IN-COMPANY.


Managing A Retail Outlet For Maximum Results Workshop

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We look forward to receiving your nominations. Thank you.

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Retail Inventory Management Workshop  

Retail: Winning In Today’s Virtual Business Environment

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