Retail Training Program 2021

Retail Training Calendar 2021

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Retail Training Calendar 2021 


We thank you for being a part of Bervidson Group and especially for your support this year despite the many challenges. It is indeed a great pleasure having you in the Bervidson family.

We are very optimistic about the enormous prospects the New Year 2021 holds for businesses to recover and thrive. To effectively position your business and achieve more, we have curated some training programs that you can maximally leverage in 2021.

All our training programs are available in both Classroom and Online. 

Please click the link to download our Retail Training Calendar 2021. We look forward to your nominations.


Retail Business Leadership & Strategy Workshop

Retail Training Calendar 2021 


In addition, all our training programs are also available as Customized In-house Workshops to organizations on a request basis. All workshops are customized in terms of content, venue, timing and duration. In-house training is a cost-effective approach for organizations that want to train four or more people offering the flexibility of choosing your own venue and timings and Tailoring the workshops to the needs of your organization. Our in-house training workshops can be delivered as on the premises of your organization or using our training center.

In-house training courses will either be:

  • ‘Off-the-shelf’ – where a standard workshop is delivered or
  • Tailored – where workshops are developed according to the briefs received from you.

Also, we are able to develop customized workshops for you based on briefs received though we may not be offering such training program currently, drawing on our rich faculty.

We look forward to working with you to advantageously maximize every opportunity in 2021 and achieve more!


Managing A Retail Outlet For Maximum Results Workshop

Retail Training Calendar 2021 


About Bervidson Group

Bervidson is the leading retail and brand consulting, training, coaching and development group in Nigeria. We are dedicated to helping organizations maximize performance, drive growth and success through our industry specific products and services.

Since 2013, the group has built a reputation as the ultimate-go-to group for industry specific consulting, training and development.

Over the years, Bervidson collaborates with discerning local and international organizations to develop and facilitate intervention programs that promotes our mutual organizations’ strategic objectives and interests under our ‘Strategic Partners Program.’

Retail Training Calendar 2021 


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