Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP

Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP


Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP

Monday August 24, 2020 – Friday August 28, 2020



Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP is a program of the Retail Academy designed for individuals who are considering starting and running their own retail businesses and individuals who are already running a retail business but are not really achieving the goals they set out to achieve and desires a turnaround. Non-retail SMEs will also benefit from the program.

Your dream of starting a retail business is set to become a reality. It may take a lot of initial work as you start your own business, but with the right foundation, planning and support systems, anyone can achieve their goals.

This program will answers such questions as: What can I profitably sell? How do I raise capital? How many staff do I need and how do I get them? How can I serve the different types of customers? How can I ever compete with already established retailers? How do I set my prices? What are the possible problems that I may encounter and how can I overcome them? Where will I source my products? Where will I source equipment and which equipment are the best for my type of retail business? Should I sell online?

It will also provide answers to business challenges such as: I don’t know what is happening to my business. I am just pumping in money and there is no commensurate result. My sales staff are just stealing my goods and I am thinking of closing it down. What can I do? What must I do?

Whether you are thinking of starting a business or seeking a turnaround, REDP is the perfect program for you. It will provide you with the “how to” of starting and managing a retail business and/or achieving that turnaround you so much desire. REDP will give you a strong foundation for developing requisite knowledge, skills and attitude for a starting and running a successful retail business.

Earning a certificate from the Retail Academy therefore is an investment in your future. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of education, the best preparation for your retail entrepreneurship success, and the greatest opportunity for an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding retailing life.


Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP



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OUTLINE for Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program


    • Welcome to Your Retail Business Journey
      • Is retailing right for you?
    • Exploring the Retail Landscape
      • Current trends in Global Retailing
      • Retail Transformation in Nigeria – Past, Present & Future
    • Types of Retail Businesses
      • Deciding the Best Kind of Retail Business for You


    • Business strategy (Go-to market strategy)
    • Project cost estimation & budget
    • Sourcing finance
    • Location – strategies & choices
    • Introduction to Business Plan


    • Legal Requirements
      • Deciding the business name
      • Business registration procedures
      • Type of business registration
      • Corporate responsibilities to stakeholders – Staff, shareholders, suppliers, host community & government
    • Real Estate
      • Sourcing a suitable property to purchase or lease
      • Purchase or lease agreement
    • Merchandising
      • Assortment planning
      • Supplier/Merchandise sourcing
      • Supplier negotiation and contracts
      • Inventory management
      • Logistics management
      • Warehouse management
    • Store Design, Layout, Fixtures & Visual Merchandising
      • Planning Your Retail Store Layout
      • Furnishing Your Retail Store
      • Display & Visual Merchandising
    • Pricing
      • Retail Pricing Strategies
    • Retail software/hardware
      • POS, inventory management systems etc.
    • Equipment Requirement
    • Human Resources
      • Company structure
      • Types of Organogram
      • Setting Company Policies
      • SOPs
      • Hiring
      • Training
      • Talent management, pipeline development & Succession Planning


    • Retail Marketing Mix
    • Promoting Your Retail Business
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Why You Need a Website
    • Developing Your Business/Marketing Plan


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    • Selling in Retail
    • Customer Service & Experience Management in Retail
    • Smart Store Management
      • Setting Goals, KPIs and Metrics
      • Keeping Good Records
      • Shop floor Management
      • Till Management
      • Customer Data Management
    • Planning for the Future Expansion
      • 2nd Store
      • Additional Product Lines
    • Risk Management
      • Managing the different Types of Risk
      • Loss Prevention
      • Security & Safety


RETAIL FOUNDERS DAY – Retail Founder Visit & Experience Sharing


GRADUATION – Valedictory Lecture: The Winning Mind-sets of a Retail Entrepreneur




Retail Entrepreneurship Development Program – REDP



DURATION: Monday August 24, 2020 – Friday August 28, 2020


TIME: 9:30am-4:00pm Daily


VENUE: Bervidson Training Centre, 3B Hakeem Dickson Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki Lagos.


FEE: N200,000





Payment can be made either;

  • Online by clicking  HERE


Directly pay into our bank account below:

  • Bank: FCMB
  • Account Name: Bervidson Consulting Limited
  • Account Number:  3432812015

Seamless Participation: 

For your seamless participation in the program, we expect all payment to be confirmed on or before resumption of classes.


For more information, please call, email or visit us.

For more information, call or email us, or visit our website today.

3B Hakeem Dickson Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria
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