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Retail Operation Management Workshop – Module 4

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Retail Operation Management Workshop – Module 4

Module 4 – Retail Customer Service & Experience Management


  • Online (ZOOM) – September 29, 2020



Retail Operations Management Workshop is designed for total success in retail management for retail business owners, Senior Retail Managers & Leaders! It supports entire senior retail leaders and management team in moving from the traditional retail management approach to a more scientific retail management approach that foster a valued-partner relationships between customer, employee and business so as to guaranty increased sales, profits and returns to all stakeholders. It is a retail business management certification program.

The workshop delivers numerous powerful techniques that will result in significant improvement in sales and profits when implemented. It provides the definitive systems and techniques for managing, motivating, and training your staff to perform in ways that get the life-long customers you desire and the sustained sales increases you deserve.

It does not matter if you own one store, ten stores, or a thousand retail locations, your results will only be as strong as the strength of the key retail management personnel in your organization.

The workshop is organised into 4 seperate but integrated Modules. As such, each Module can be taken as a seperate workshop independent of other Modules. However, it is highly recommented that participants attend all the Modules to gain a complete view of the managing a retail business for guaranteed total success.

In addition, full certification in Retail business Management will be issued only to participants who completes the 4 Modules.



At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • gain the latest concepts and best practices in retail business leadership and management for maximum growth and profitability in great depth.
  • receive outstanding information on Retail Analytics and Retail Business Intelligence and learn how to use the information as a competitive advantage in driving sales, productivity and profitability to new heights;
  • learn how to set Retail Key Performance Indicators, construct Balanced Scorecards and related Retail Math to improve your retail operation in a way that is unique and exclusive.
  • learn how to effectively manage people and ensure that the organization is consistently developing and maintaining a performance culture.
  • learn the best way to handle succession planning in a way that makes the process simple, scalable and easy to align within the organization; and
  • gain insights on how drive a retail businesses for greater success.


Module 4 – Retail Customer Service & Experience Management



Module 4 designed to build a strong, sustainable, and superior customer service and experience culture that delivers a superlative result in an organisation. The first step is to create a solid foundation of shared understanding, common language, and effective tools.

The Module seek to emplace a service culture that creates a better place to work, helps organisations attract and retain superior talent, engages and motivates employees to improve performance, leads to opportunities for higher margins and helps create relationships with customers that last longer — and become more profitable over time.

Focusing on service means organisations can create more unique experiences that customers value. A strong service culture leads to sustained improvements to customer experience, and a sustainable competitive advantage for organisations. But where do you start?

As more organisations realise excellent customer service can be a competitive advantage, the big question is not how to improve service performance, but how to create a culture of continuous service improvement with an unwavering focus on customer experience.

To successfully – and sustainably – differentiate based on service, improving customer experience must be the responsibility of an entire organization, not only a customer service department. Organisations must continuously innovate and improve to create more value for customers, colleagues and partners. Organisations must create an environment to motivate, support and recognise employees for consistently taking action to create value for customers, colleagues and partners.

Building a winning customer service and experience culture requires everyone to take responsibility, understand and play their roles with clarity and vigour – from the top down, and from the bottom up!



  • Winning Customer Service Strategies and Action Plans
    • Determinants of Customer Service Quality
    • Customer Service Action Plans for Long Term Loyalty
    • Creating and Retaining Loyal Customers
  • Building A Winning Service Culture
    • Key Requirement for Building a Winning Service Culture
    • Key Components of a Winning Service Culture
    • Service GAP Model
    • Tools, Principles Of A Winning Service Culture
    • Building Blocks of Winning Service Culture
    • Service Culture Implementation Roadmap
  • Service Leadership Rules
  • The Service-Profit Chain
  • Managing the Moment of Truth
  • Service Breakdown & Recovery
  • Customer Experience Management for Value Maximization



The Workshop is most useful for senior retail management team with implementation power and authority in their respective areas – Retail Business Owners, Senior Retail Managers and Leaders, Region and Area Managers, Head of Retail positions, Store Managers and more.


Building a Winning Service Culture Workshop

Retail Operation Management Workshop – Module 4


Delivery Method:

Facilitation, Presentation (PPT) & Discussion



  • September 29, 2020



  • Online – 10:00 am-1:00 pm



  • Online – Zoom Live (Link will be sent to paid participants only)



  • Online – N39,950





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Retail Operation Management Workshop

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