Basic Marketing Skills Workshop

Basic Marketing Skills Workshop

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Basic Marketing Skills Workshop – March 10, 2020



Basic Marketing Skills Workshop is design to provide entrepreneurs and new marketing teams basic principles of marketing and equips them with robust marketing capabilities. They will be positioned to  do market research, create a pricing strategy, understand their target markets, efficient engagement, and how to promote and sell, and save you valuable time and money.

Marketing is the foundation of a good business. Marketing is one of the most important functions a business can develop to ensure they grow a sustainable and successful business. It is the anticipation and fulfilment of customers’ needs taking account of an organization’s core competencies.

Marketing can sometimes be one of the most challenging aspects of business. As customers become more demanding, their needs change, new technologies emerge and competition increases, organizations must find ways to build or enhance their own marketing capability. Done well it can return great dividends. However not done well it can cost you valuable time and money.

This workshop will help you enhance the marketing capabilities of your team, save you valuable time and money.



At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • understand what marketing is;
  • be able to outline the steps in the marketing process;
  • understand the marketplace and customers;
  • be able to identify the five core marketplace concepts;
  • be able to identify the key elements of a customer-driven marketing strategy;
  • understand the marketing management orientations that guide marketing strategy;
  • understand customer relationship management;
  • be able to identify strategies for creating value for customers and capturing value from customers in return; and
  • be able to describe the major trends and forces that are changing the marketing landscape in this age of relationships.



Entrepreneurs new marketing teams, with little or no prior marketing knowledge or in need of a refresher program



🔴 TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


🔴 VENUE: Bervidson Training Center, 3B Hakeem Dickson Rd. Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


Basic Marketing Skills Workshop – learn strategies to create value for customers and capture value from customers in return!



Consultative Selling Skills Workshop




  • Overview of Marketing
    • Marketing Defined
    • The Marketing Process
    • Marketing Management Tasks
  • Understanding the Marketplace and Customer Needs
    • 5 Core Marketplace Concepts
    • Product Planning and Development
  • Designing a Customer Value-Driven Marketing Strategy
    • Selecting Customers to Serve
    • Developing Market Segmentation
    • Choosing a Value Proposition
    • Marketing Management Orientations
  • Preparing an Integrated Marketing Plan and Program
    • The Marketing Mix & Key Marketing Activities
    • Promotion Mix
    • Distribution Planning and Pricing Strategy
    • integrated marketing program
  • Building Customer Relationships
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Engaging Customers
    • Partner Relationship Management
  • Capturing Value from Customers
    • Creating Customer Loyalty and Retention
    • Growing Share of Customer
    • Building Customer Equity
  • The Changing Marketing Landscape
    • The Digital Age
    • Not-for-Profit
    • Rapid Globalization
    • Sustainable Marketing



N55,000 per Participant
(Group Rate Available)





You can pay online @ MAKE PAYMENT 

OR pay directly to:

👉Bank: FCMB

👉Account Name: Bervidson Consulting Limited

👉Account No: 3432812015



Sales Prospecting for Optimal Result Workshop




Consultative Selling Skills Workshop


Basic Marketing Skills Workshop – learn strategies to create value for customers and capture value from customers in return!



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