Win-Win Negotiation Skills Workshop

Win-Win Negotiation Skills Workshop

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Win-Win Negotiation Skills Workshop –  March 17, 2020



Win-Win Negotiation Skills Workshop is designed to provide participants with essential negotion skills and insight into the habits of good negotiators as you build your own skills. Through a series of group exercises, you will be able to learn and practice proven negotiation tactics, refine your personal negotiating style, and improve your ability to negotiate successfully and effectively in any situation.

Negotiation is part of our daily lives. Every day we negotiate with customers, suppliers, co-workers, business associates and family members. Negotiation is a method by which people settle differences. It is, to put it simply, the process of trying to get what you want from another person. Too often, business negotiations are limited to a battle over price. While price is of course important, this single-mindedness limits the total value that the parties could benefit from in a partnership.



In this workshop, participants are exposed to a mixture of interactive and cooperative learning techniques such as lectures and presentations, interactive exercises, games, group activities and role plays.



By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

👉apply the different negotiating tactics and win more deals;

👉apply best approach to building trust, winnnig more deals and resolving conflict;

👉evaluate and assess the soft, hard and principled styles in negotiation;

👉identify and assess personality styles in any negotiation situation and use this knowledge to their advantage;

👉distinguish between the 4 phases of negotiation; and

👉plan and conduct effective negotiations as part of a negotiating team.



This workshop is designed for managers, team leads, supervisors, negotiation professionals, salespeople, entrepreneurs, customer service representatives, and anyone who wishes to enhance their negotiation skills and make negotiations a more enjoyable, rewarding and effective part of their job.



👉Influencing others

👉Rapport building

👉Trust building

👉Building consensus and cooperation

👉Verbal and non-verbal communication

👉Conflict management




🔴 TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


🔴 VENUE: Bervidson Training Center, 3B Hakeem Dickson Rd. Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.



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 🔶Introduction to basic negotiation Skills

👉Definition of ‘negotiation’

👉Common negotiation forms and features

👉What can you negotiate and who can you negotiate with

👉Types of negotiations

👉Rational model for decision making

👉Choosing the most appropriate negotiation strategy

🔶 Negotiation and personality styles

👉Characteristics of an effective negotiator

👉Negotiation style profile



👉Administration and determination of own style

👉Behavioral style summary

🔶Essentials of negotiation

👉The 4 phases of negotiation

👉Negotiation checklist: do’s and don’ts

👉Elements of BATNA

👉Choosing when to walk away in BATNA

👉How to concede: do’s and don’ts

👉What is your preferred concession style

👉Concession styles from around the world

🔶 Negotiation planning, preparing, and power

👉Negotiation planning

👉The seven pillars of negotiation wisdom

🔶Assessing the source of negotiating power


👉Sources of power

🔶 Altering the balance of power

👉Overcoming your limitations

👉Defending and challenging a firm offer

🔶Negotiation strategies and tactics

👉Basic negotiation strategies and tactics

👉Brief description of each tactic

👉Negotiation mistakes to avoid

👉Dealing with difficult negotiators

👉Trust building & key trust building behaviours in negotiations

👉Preparing and conducting individual and team negotiations

👉Practical role plays

👉Feedback, comments and discussions




N55,000 per Participant
(Group Rate Available)





You can pay online @ MAKE PAYMENT 


OR pay directly to:

👉Bank: FCMB

👉Account Name: Bervidson Consulting Limited

👉Account No: 3432812015



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