Retail Visual Merchandising Workshop

Retail Visual Merchandising Workshop

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Retail Visual Merchandising Workshop – July 14, 2020



Retail Visual Merchandising Workshop is designed to show you how to create well-organized, dynamic, attention getting displays that attract attention, make your merchandise stand out, encourage customer interaction and increase your bottom line.  It give you the foundation you need to achieve the fundamental goal of any store design or visual merchandising effort – to increase sales.

Retail sales are a function of making an emotional connection with the customer on a level that makes them want to take a piece of your store – your brand – home with them. Your customers need to know and understand you and they need to know that you understand them. They want to engage with you and experience your brand through the shopping experience.

What does your store say about you? Does it engage the customer? Does it excite the customer? Does it assist the customer in finding what they’re looking for quickly and easily? Is your store environment your best salesperson? It should be.

Whether you plan to design your store yourself, or you just want to better understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of your shopping environment and experience, this workshop will give you the basic knowledge you need.



At the end of the workshop, participants will know how to:

👉 create well-organized displays that make your merchandise stand out, encourage customer interaction, and increase sales;

👉 showcase your merchandise in dynamic, attention getting displays that attract attention, make your merchandise pop, and increase your bottom line;

👉 define your brand, and design a store environment that creates a unique brand experience, communicate the experience to customers using visuals and create brand loyalty;

👉create merchandising stories that elicit interest, and encourages up-selling & cross-sell;

👉what hot and cold spots in your stores are and use the knowledge to improve store performance;

👉design an efficient lighting program that makes product pop;

👉create signages and graphics program that supports your brand, communicates offerings and policies, and assists the customer in the shopping process;

👉create window displays that are dramatic, powerful, and engaging; and

👉create an emotional response from your customers that leads to sales; creating a personal connection between you and your customer.



The Workshop is most useful for Visual Merchandisers, Merchandising Managers and Team Leads and anyone who has interest and/or responsibility for delivering great store atmospherics including Retail Business Owners and C-Level Executives.




TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.


VENUE: Bervidson Training Center, 3B Hakeem Dickson Rd. Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.


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👉Where Do Sales Come From?

👉Visual Merchandising (VM) Definition & Goals

👉VM Story & Brand Experience

👉VM & Store Performance

👉StoreFront Design

👉Store Layout – Types & Planning

👉Store Atmospherics

👉Store Visual Communications

👉VM Success Factors

👉7 Key Questions a VM Must Answer

👉3 Characteristics of a Good VM

👉Store Merchandise Classification

👉Deciding Store Product Placement & Presentation

👉Merchandise Display – Key Concepts & Guiding Principle





👉Window Display

👉Sound & Scent,

👉10 Easy Steps to STELLAR Merchandising




N79,950 per Participant
(Group Rate Available)






You can pay online @ MAKE PAYMENT 

OR pay directly to:

👉Bank: FCMB

👉Account Name: Bervidson Consulting Limited

👉Account No: 3432812015



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