Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads

Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads



Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads – Feb. 18-19, 2020



The Workshop was interactive and enlightening. My eyes were opened to other things about retail beyond just selling … Kanele Maduka, Assistant Manager @ Supersavers.



Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads is designed for Retail Branch, Boutique & Outlet Managers, and Team Leads who needs real action strategies to perform effectively, be successful at delivering more sales and profits targets for the business.

Aside the CEO, the Retail store managers are the next most important positions in running successful retail operations because they are the CEOs of their own stores! Beside, they wear different hats and have a ton of responsibility

This workshop therefore, goes beyond just learning; it’s empowering and delivers superlative results. Included in it are global best practice performance techniques, tactics and methods.

Participants will develop develop game-changing store management and interpersonal skills retail managers need to create connections, coach associates to consistently deliver exceptional performance and memorable customer experiences.

With proven practical techniques and people-to-people skills and strategies gained from this workshop, participants will be able to keep their teams engaged, inspired, and deliver superlative results all the time.


Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads Maximum Success



At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • develop critical store management and interpersonal skills that give leading retailers the edge
  • receive performance techniques, tactics and methods that will positively impact the result of the retail branch, boutique & outlet;
  • know how to build, lead and coach a high performance team for growth and profitability;
  • gain exceptional communication and motivation skills to rally the team to greater performance and success;
  • learn how to serve and keep a customer for life;
  • know what to measure, how to measure, how to interpret the outcome and use the result for improved team management for the branch, boutique & outlet growth and profitability; and
  • know how to create Balanced Scorecards for any position in the branch, boutique & outlet and use this important tool in managing the team for greater performance.



Retail Branch/Boutiqu/Outlet Managers, Team Leads and personnel with supervisory responsibilities including their Assistants. It is a great onboarding course for staff being considered for promotion into a retail manager’s position.


🔴 DURATION: 2 Days


🔴 TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily


🔴 VENUE: Bervidson Training Center, 3B Hakeem Dickson Road, Phase 1, Lagos


Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads Maximum Success



Retail Operations Management Workshop



🔷Retail Math, Metrics & KPIs for Branch, Boutique & Outlet Maximum Success

👉Retail Branch, Boutique & Outlet Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

👉Retail Performance Metrics – Identification and Calculation of Retail Metrics

👉Balanced Scorecards & Applications

👉Managing store by numbers for effectiveness and efficiency

🔷Making Shopping Exciting for Customers & Improved Performance

👉Managing The 3 Shopper Impact Zones

👉Visual Merchandising – The Silent Salesman

👉Store Front & Windows

👉Store Atmospherics

👉Merchandise Presentation & Implications

🔷The Branch, Boutique & Outlet Managers, and Team Leads’ Keys to Success

👉Building, Leading & Managing a High Performance Team

👉Hiring Right – Interviewing Skills

👉Productive Staff Meetings

👉Performance Management for Higher Store Productivity

👉Staff Motivation – Monetary Non-Monetary Motivation for High Impact

👉Coaching for Superior Results

👉Top 5 Success Factors of Retail Outlet Management

🔷Branch, Boutique & Outlet Sales Management for Superlative Results

👉Key Imperatives to Effective Selling
👉What Your Associates must know and have to be able to sell effectively

👉AIDA Principle & Application

👉Relationship, Consultative & Solution Selling Applied in Retail

👉Cross-selling & Up-selling

👉Missed Opportunities – Understanding, Calculation & Implication

🔷Managing Branch, Boutique & Outlet Customer’s Experience 

👉Customer Focus @ the Front Line

👉Attribute of a Customer Centric Frontline Associate

👉Dealing with Difficult and Angry Customers

👉Customer Lifetime Value  – Understanding, Calculations & Implications

👉The 7 Sins of Customer Service Your Associates Must Never Commit

👉Managing the Moment of Truth for Effective Branch, Boutique & Outlet Performance
(Sales, Repeat Businesses & Positive Advocacy)


Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads Maximum Success




N99,950 per Participant
(Group Rate Available)





You can pay online @ MAKE PAYMENT 

OR pay directly to:

👉Bank: FCMB

👉Account Name: Bervidson Consulting Limited

👉Account No: 3432812015


Retail Business Management Workshop for Managers & Team Leads Maximum Success


Retail Customer Service Workshop





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