Managing Sales Team for Peak-Performance Workshop

Managing Sales Team Workshop

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Managing Sales Team Workshop –  For Peak Performance  – April 23, 2020



Managing Sales Team Workshop – For Peak Performance is designed to support sales managers, team leads and supervisors to effectively lead sales teams to achieve, or exceed their sales targets, which directly relate to the growth of the ‘bottom line’ for the company.

This workshop will support participants to ensure that their teams operates at peak performance, drives profit, achieves the wider organisational goals and reaches its full potential. To be able to achieve superlative and consistent results means sales managers must create an environment that encourages sales team to deliver results.

Management skills are not acquired by chance. The skills needed to achieve and exceed targets must be learned and developed in order to ensure you are getting the most from your people and resources.

This workshop will helps improve sales team performance by transforming how sales managers view their responsibilities as well as provide your sales managers with a commonsense approach to coaching for revenue growth.



At the end of the workshop, participants will

  • Identify the qualities of a leading sales manager and be able to apply these skills to their business and individual management style
  • learn how to build a high-performing, agile and resilient sales team
  • understand how to manage the performance of your sales team to achieve effectiveness and efficiency
  • understand the different ways to motivate your sales team and get the best out of them with greater job satisfaction
  • be able to create a conducive environment that unleashes the motivation, energy, and passion of the sales teams for improved performance;
  • know how to measure the performance of your team and make the necessary decisions to maintain high performance;



Sales Managers and Assistants, Sales Team leads and Assistants and Sales Supervisors as well as anyone due for promotion into any of these positions.




🔴TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


🔴VENUE: Bervidson Training Center, 3B Hakeem Dickson Rd. Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.



High-Impact Communication Workshop



Succeeding as a Sales Manager

  • Succeeding with the roles of a great sales manager and coach
  • Learning the roles and rules top managers and coaches must follow to get the most from their sellers
  • Managing the sales pipeline of your team
  • Creating a comprehensive plan and defining a rhythm for managing a sales team

Creating Goals and Action Plans

  • Prioritizing and maximizing time spent on high-return activities
  • Analyzing the most important metrics to creating seller goals and action plans
  • Ensuring sellers develop themselves professionally and take responsibility for their success

Coaching and Developing High-Performing Sellers

  • Gaining full adoption of selling processes and methods
  • Creating common selling approaches across the entire team
  • Implementing the 30-Day Bervidson Challenge; a process to help managers truly unleash a seller’s potential

Motivating the Sales Team

  • Motivating your sales team to perform at the top of their game day-in and day-out
  • Implementing a morning ritual that gets all sellers on track for daily success
  • Understanding the ambitions that drive seller success

Leading Great Sales and Coaching Meetings

  • Listening effectively and learning to connect with sellers who have different communication styles
  • Leading effective planning and problem-resolution
  • Leading highly productive sales meetings

Maximizing Sales Wins with Opportunity Coaching

  • Helping sellers maximize their odds at winning the most important sales opportunities
  • Using a systematic and rigorous opportunity-review process

Holding Sellers Accountable

  • Holding sellers accountable for results so they not only meet, but consistently exceed, sales targets
  • Onboarding a seller and getting them on the right track from the start




N55,000 per Participant
(Group Rate Available)





You can pay online @ MAKE PAYMENT 

OR pay directly to:

👉Bank: FCMB

👉Account Name: Bervidson Consulting Limited

👉Account No: 3432812015



People Management Skills Workshop




Managing Sales Team Workshop



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