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About Bervidson Group

Bervidson is a leading retail and SME consulting, training, and development group in Nigeria. The Group is the convener of The Retail Leaders Conference, The Retail Roundtable and Nigeria SME Summit.

Our goal is to help organizations maximize performance, drive growth and success through our industry specific products and services such as workshops, seminars, conferences, roundtables, exhibitions, information services and more.

We bring the best of global retail and SME-Corporate consulting, training, coaching, and development services to retail and SME businesses.

Our retail and SME advisory and training services to SME-Corporate is geared towards improving their performance and maximising their ROI

We’ve built the necessary capacity to deliver quality consulting, training and development services to retail and SME businesses. Our tools and resources include various industry specific capacity building courses and the Training of Trainer (ToT) courses, delivered at an open or onsite location in various cities across Nigeria and other West Africa countries as well as online.

Our events draw participants from retail, FMCG & other manufacturing, banking & other financial institutions, telecom, other services as well as government, international institutions and diplomatic missions in Nigeria.

Since 2013, Bervidson has supported and continues to support retailers, SMEs and corporate organisations, significantly improving their business performance across various metrics in Nigeria and Ghana.

As part of Bervidson pledge to support retail, SMEs, loyal customers and raving fans, the Group has launched other supporting platforms, from Digital Marketing and Advertising, Web Development, Web Hosting to Business Listing, Marketplace, Multi-Vendor Ecommerce and Corporate Event Planning & Management.


About Bervidson Group




Business Start-ups & Turnaround, Store Development, Performance Management and Growth Strategies, Recruitment Services, Technology Advisory,



Training Suite focused on helping organisations build strong and profitable businesses

  1. Retail Training: Bervidson is the premier retail training group in Nigeria. Bervidson design, develop and facilitates retail industry specific training programs – Associate Workshops, Managers Workshops, Senior Managers Workshops, Owners & CEO Workshops.
  2. SME Training: Bervidson also design, develop and facilitates SME training programs – Sales Management, Customer Service & Experience Management and Leadership Development
  3. General Training: Bervidson also design, develop and facilitates Soft Skills Workshops.



Annual and Quarterly Retail & SME Leadership Conferences and Exhibitions for the Development and Growth of Retail & SME Industry in Nigeria.

  1. The Retail Leaders Conference – Nigeria’s pre-eminent annual retail conference for leaders.
  2. The Retail Roundtable – Quarterly retail events
  3. Nigeria SME Summit – Annual conference and exhibition for SMEs



Recruitment Services – We Headhunt suitable candidates for different positions in your organisation. We specialises in finding hidden, qualified candidates in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Outsourcing Services – We outsource staff to your organisation and manage them under a retainership program. Under this option, we manage the staff recruited for you as our staff but working for you or as your staff and working for you. In both cases, you pay the staff salaries plus a commission set at a percentage of total staff’s pay under the scheme.



  • Bedge Concepts – A branding, digital marketing, advertising and event management platform
  • Bhosting Solutions – A web hosting and security solutions platform
  • Fastmarket – A classified ad with ecommerce capability platform
  • Adester – A multi-vendor ecommerce platform
  • – A business directory retail news and information portal for retail and vendor businesses
  • – A retail news and information platform



Bervidson is an accredited Management Training Group by The Centre for Management Development (CMD), a member of the Nigeria Council of Management Development.

About Bervidson Group




Bervidson collaborates with discerning local and international organisations to develop and facilitate intervention programs that promotes such organisation’s strategic objectives and interests with partners and members.

  • Collaborated with the U.S Consulate General Lagos in the planning and execution of Lagos Transportation & Traffic Webinar with the theme: The Never-Ending Story, Lagos Traffic Congestion: What Can Be Done? Will It Be Done? 2020
  • Collaborated with the United States Department of Agriculture – USDA/FAS U.S. Consulate General Lagos in collaboration with National Association of Supermarket Operators of Nigeria (NASON) 2018 to organise the Nigeria Retail/Supermarket Food Distribution and Management Workshop
  • Collaborate with the United States Commercial Service (CS), U.S. Consulate General Lagos (partner & sponsor) to The Retail Leaders Conference, since 2017
  • Develop, facilitate & collaborate on programs for Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) to promote members success since 2017
  • Develop and facilitate workshops on behalf of Sanofi Aventis for Retail Pharmacy Businesses in Nigeria and Ghana since 2017

About Bervidson Group       U.S. Consulate General Lagos -



The U.S. Consulate General sincerely appreciates your assistance on this project. I agree that it went very well. We could not have done it without you! I will certainly pass along a positive review of your performance to my colleagues and I hope you will work with us again when the opportunity arises.

– Russell K. Brooks, Public Affairs Officer @U.S. Consulate General Lagos





About Bervidson Group


For more information, please contact:

3B Hakeem Dickson Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria
+234 1 291 7328, +234 803 343 4776, +234 809 334 4776, +234 808 933 8444


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