Handling Objections Sales Meeting Kit for Sales Managers – $375

Everything a Sales Manager Needs to run a Sales Meeting on Handling Objections.

Plan your next sales meeting using this online do-it-yourself Handling Objections Sales Meeting Kit. This kit includes everything a sales manager needs to conduct a skills clinic on Handling Objections. The duration of the sales meeting session is 90 minutes, which can be split into two or three shorter sessions if desired.

How can this help your sales team? One difference between successful salespeople and average salespeople is their skill and comfort level when responding to objections. This kit will help a sales manager improve the ability of the sales team to respond effectively to the most common objections when selling your products and services. The salespeople will learn a four step process for handling objections. Instructions are included on how to lead a role play activity designed to help everyone practice and receive feedback.

The Handling Objections Sales Meeting Kit Handout includes:
  • The most common objections that salespeople encounter
  • 4-Step process for handling objections
  • Handling objections practice exercise and planning form
The Handling Objections Sales Meeting Kit Video includes:
  • Segment 1 teaches the four steps for responding to objections and includes an example for responding to the objection “I’ve never heard of your company.”
  • Segment 2 teaches the importance of tailoring your response for different objections and includes an example on how to respond if the customer objects and says something like “Your price is too high.”




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