Essential Selling Skills Session 12: Varying Your Selling Style – $35

Learn four distinct customer personality types and some practical tips on varying your selling style. (31 minutes, on-demand)

The best sales professionals vary their selling style to fit different types of customers. For example, how you sell to a customer who is very sociable and relationship-oriented should be different than how you sell to a customer who is very direct and wants to get down to business. This may sound obvious but it is not common practice – average sellers tend to use the same selling style with everyone, which limits their effectiveness. Participants will learn four distinct Customer Personality Types and some practical tips on how to assess what type of customer you are interacting with. A self-survey is included in this teaching session so that you can identify your natural selling style.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, downloadable self-survey (Excel document), and quiz will improve your ability to identify your natural selling style and learn when and how to vary your style to fit different customers, including how to:

  • Identify which of four different customer personality types a particular customer corresponds to, and what each type of customer values in a salesperson
  • Select the appropriate selling style to match up to each of these customer personality types
  • Use a self-survey titled the Selling Skills Inventory (SSI) to identify your natural selling style, including advice on how to interpret your SSI results
  • Understand the strategic sales factors that determine when and how to vary your selling style, including some practical tips on clues that you can use when speaking with or visiting a customer

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