Essential Selling Skills Session 11: Handling and Preventing Objections – $35

Learn to prevent and minimize customer objections by avoiding mistakes that average sellers make.  (29 minutes, on-demand)

All salespeople encounter objections but the best sales professionals respond more effectively. They follow a process that increases the likelihood that the customer’s concerns will be addressed and that the sale will move forward. Participants will learn how to respond to different types of objections, notably with a lot of practical examples. You also will become better at preventing and minimizing the likelihood that customers will express objections by avoiding mistakes that average sellers make. A downloadable planning form is included so that you can practice how to respond to the most likely objections that you may encounter.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, downloadable planning form, and quiz will improve your ability to handle and prevent objections, including how to:

  • Anticipate when objections are most likely to occur during the sales process
  • Vary your response based on the type of objection; for example, how you respond to “I’m satisfied with my current provider” should be different than your response to “your price is too high.”
  • Utilize a 4-step process for responding effectively to all objections
  • Minimize the likelihood of objections by not making common mistakes such as talking too much or using high-pressure closing techniques
  • Use a planning form to prepare and practice for the objections that you are most likely to encounter

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