Essential Selling Skills Session 10: Agreeing to Action and Follow Up – $35

Learn to advance the sale forward using agreeing to action (instead of traditional closing techniques) and set yourself apart with effective follow up actions.
(30 minutes, on-demand)

The best way to tell if a sales call has gone well is if the customer agrees to an action or commitment, so it is essential to excel at the Agreeing to Action Stage of Selling. You will learn several ways to advance the sale forward, with emphasis on selecting the method that fits the personality style of the customer. Because it often requires multiple sales calls to eventually win a sale, the Agreeing to Action and Follow Up Stages are usually linked so we also will provide some guidelines on how to follow up effectively with customers. A downloadable planning form is included so that you can apply the concepts of agreeing to action and follow up when preparing for a real life sales call.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, downloadable planning form, and quiz will improve your ability to get customers to make a commitment and take an action that advances the sale forward, including how to:

  • Avoid using conventional high-pressure closing techniques that lessen the likelihood that you will win a sale
  • Effectively use three selling skills and techniques that will advance a sale forward, including advice on how to select the appropriate method based on the personality style of the customer
  • Follow up in a timely and professional way because this step is often done poorly by average sellers
  • Plan and prepare for upcoming sales calls using a downloadable planning form

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