Essential Selling Skills Session 9: Selling on Value – $35

Learn to prepare and present a compelling value proposition to differentiate your company and products/services. (32 minutes, on-demand) 

Selling on value is something that many salespeople say that they do, but it is often not done well. This session will highlight many practical tips and examples on how to sell on value, not on price. You will learn how to use value selling to differentiate your company and products/services. We will provide a process that you can follow to prepare and present a compelling value proposition. You also will receive a downloadable planning form that you can use to prepare for upcoming sales calls.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, downloadable planning form, and quiz will improve your ability to sell on value, including how to:

  • Differentiate your company, products, and services in the most effective way
  • Assess value from the customer’s perspective by focusing on the three primary ways that customers perceive value
  • Prepare and present your value proposition in a clear and compelling way, with emphasis on quantifying the value that you can provide
  • Utilize a planning form (which is downloadable) to apply the value selling concepts when you prepare for upcoming sales calls

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