Essential Selling Skills Session 8: Presenting Information as Benefits – $35

Sell using benefit language and avoid the common mistakes of information overload, jargon, and feature dumping. (29 minutes, on-demand) 

Presenting information seems like the easiest thing for a salesperson to do well yet many sellers make common mistakes such as presenting features, rather than describing benefits. Participants will learn the distinction between features and benefits, and how to clearly communicate to customers in benefit language. You also will learn how to avoid common mistakes made by average sellers such as information overload, use of jargon, and feature dumping.You will receive a downloadable planning form that you can use as a resource for upcoming sales calls.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, downloadable planning form, and quiz will help you improve your ability to present information as benefits, including how to:

  • Avoid talking in features rather than benefits
  • Define and make clear benefit statements for different customer situations
  • Use the simplest sales training tip of all time
  • Prepare for upcoming sales calls with a downloadable Features/Benefits planning form
  • Minimize or eliminate mistakes such as talking too much, feature dumping, and using jargon

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