Essential Selling Skills Session 7: Listening Skills – $35

Learn to be an active vs. passive listener and avoid talking too much, using jargon, and external distractions. (27 minutes, on-demand)

Essential Selling Skills Module 7 on Listening Skills teaches one of the most essential selling skills. The ability to listen – really listen – to customers will set you apart. Many salespeople don’t listen well because they focus instead on what they want to tell the customer and miss critical information that would otherwise help them to win a sale. You will learn how to be an active listener rather than a passive listener, as well as how to avoid common mistakes such as talking too much, using jargon, and overcoming external distractions. Participants will have an opportunity to self-assess strengths and areas for improvement as a listener.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, and quiz will improve your ability to listen well throughout the entire sales call, including how to:

  • Combine listening and questioning skills to gather more and better information
  • Avoid making assumptions during a sales call
  • Become an active listener by using practical tips such as key word note-taking, expressing empathy, and paraphrasing
  • Identify and minimize common barriers to listening such as multi-tasking, interrupting and external distractions


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