Essential Selling Skills Session 6: Questioning Skills – $35

Learn four foundation questioning guidelines and three types of questions that work for every sales call. (33 minutes, on-demand)

The best sales professionals ask more questions and better questions than average sellers. You will learn four foundation guidelines for asking questions that can be used on every sales call. We also will highlight practical tips and examples for three categories of questions – Informational Questions, Opportunity Questions, and Commitment Questions – to ensure that you gather the most critical information about the customer’s needs and willingness to take action. You also will receive a downloadable planning form that you can use as a resource for upcoming sales calls.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, downloadable planning form, and quiz improve your ability to plan and ask great questions, including how to:
  • Use four foundation guidelines that will help you to ask better questions and demonstrate to the customer that you are listening to her/him
  • Assess your natural strengths and areas for improvement in asking questions
  • Ask three categories of questions – Informational, Opportunity, and Commitment questions – so that you don’t overlook any critical information
  • Use a planning form (which is downloadable for future use) to prepare questions for an upcoming sales call

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