Essential Selling Skills Session 5: Elevator Speeches – $35

Learn to tailor your elevator speech to communicate your most relevant value and credibility statements for each customer. (28 minutes, on-demand)

Learn how to prepare and deliver concise and compelling elevator speeches for different sales situations. When done well, an elevator speech creates a favorable first impression that can help you to generate interest and advance the sales process forward. We will highlight the importance of tailoring an elevator speech in order to communicate the most relevant value and credibility statements for different customers and sales situations. Participants will prepare an elevator speech and practice it during the session. You will receive a downloadable planning form as a resource for upcoming sales calls.

What will you learn?

The video, downloadable handout, downloadable planning form, and quiz will improve your ability to prepare and present tailored elevator speeches, including how to:

  • Use elevator speeches in a variety of sales situations, such as trade shows, initial phone calls with prospects, and meetings with other decision-makers at existing accounts
  • Select the most appropriate value statements (what your company or product can do for the customer) and credibility statements (your company and personal credentials) when preparing an elevator speech
  • Present the information in a clear, concise, and compelling way
  • Utilize a planning form (which is downloadable for future use) to tailor elevator speeches for different customer situations
  • Avoid making common mistakes such as talking too long and not transitioning to asking questions


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