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Sales Meeting Kits - Online Sales Training Resources for Managers

Sales is the backbone of your business - without it, your bottom line would suffer. Bervidson Consulting in partnership with Sales Training And Result (STAR), the Boston, Massachusetts and South Carolina-based sales training experts, can help you reach - and even exceed - your revenue goals with a unique blend of sales training programs and reinforcement services and consulting and sales coaching services.

STAR's online sales training programs offer practical, skills-based training in a variety of formats, including customized live and on-demand training.

Online Sales Training Resources for Managers:
A sales manager's most important job is to coach and improve the sales performance of every member of the sales team.

We have developed a series of Sales Meeting Kits that provide everything a sales manager needs to run a highly interactive skills-building session for their entire sales team. Each Sales Meeting Kit provides online access to a teaching outline, video and handouts so you can lead highly engaging and interactive activities designed to help your salespeople improve their selling skills. Your regular sales meetings provide the perfect forum for your salespeople to practice sales skills in an encouraging and safe environment. Watch a short free video included in the kits to learn more about the Sales Meeting Kits.

The online Sales Meeting kits are designed to benefit all levels of sales experience. As the facilitator, you have the opportunity to customize the activities and discussions so that they fit the experience and skill level of your sales team. Each kit costs only $375 each and is designed to give you all the tools needed to run a 60-90 minute training session with your sales team. Digital access allows you to print exactly the number of handouts you need so you buy one kit for your entire sales team for each subject you want to teach. Each kit focuses on a particular sales skill and includes:

  • Participant Handouts- short handout including key teaching material, plus planning pages for exercises.
  • Video- each session includes a video with two to three short teaching by a STAR instructor so you don't have to lecture if you don't want to.
  • Manager's Notes- providing step by step guidance on how to run the meeting and activities.
  • A free Teaching Tips Handout provides practical advice on how salespeople learn best.

    Sales Managers and Training Managers who buy Sales Meeting Kits also buy STAR's Essential Selling Skills elearning modules.

    Bill McCormick
    Pre-Call Planning Sales Meeting Kit for Managers
    Everything a Sales Manager Needs to Run a Sales Meeting on Pre-Call Planning
    Bill McCormick
    Questioning Skills Sales Meeting Kit for Managers
    Everything a Sales Manager Needs to Run a Sales Meeting on Questioning Skills
    Bill McCormick
    Selling on Value Not Price Sales Meeting Kit for Managers
    Everything a Sales Manager Needs to Run a Sales Meeting on Selling on Value Not Price
    Bill McCormick
    Handling Objections Sales Meeting Kit for Managers
    Everything a Sales Manager Needs to run a Sales Meeting on Handling Objections
    Bill McCormick
    Giving/Getting Concessions when Negotiating Sales Meeting Kit
    Everything a Manager Needs to Run a Sales Meeting on Concessions when Negotiating