Consultative Sales Mastery Workshop is at the heart of today’s of selling. It equips professionals with holistic selling methods, enabling them to serve customers to the maximum. It draws from the best practices of top producers in today's consultative selling culture.

Loaded with practical, actionable strategies, this Consultative Sales Mastery Workshop will equip your production team with the essentials to grow revenue regardless of outside economic factors. Consultative Sales Mastery Workshop is the definitive, consultative selling program for differentiated and niche selling today.


Today's business landscape is fiercely competitive and customer have become more demanding. or many organisations, the only true point of value differentiation between them and their competition is the Customer service and experience they deliver.

This workshop goes far beyond customer service theory and delivers practical customer experience ideas that your bank can implement and benefit from immediately.

Learn how you can develop a niche and gain superior advantage over the competition and therefore maximie your return on investment by delivering the WW customer service and experience.

Sales Management Workshop

Maximizing sales performance is one of the most critical challenges of any organization. An effective salesforce is the engine that drives the growth and profitability of any company, and every successful sales team needs capable management to help it reach its full potential. Driving and sustaining results from the sales team can be a difficult task, especially in a global market that is becoming increasingly competitive.

Bervidson Group's sales management workshop is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and experience that sales managers need to be effective, with tools and frameworks to beer manage their organizations' salesforces.


Successful organisations are built on strong customer relationships. These customer relationships are created by trained relationship managers who are able to build trusting customer relationships while balancing sales and service to achieve the organisation's sales goals.

There is no doubt therefore that Relationship Management is the key to Increasing sales. Based on global best practices in relationship management training, the Workshop provides your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize customer relationship and achieve the organisation's goal.


More than ever before, today’s Business Managers are faced with multitude of challenges and opportunities in today's ever-changing business environment.

Implementing a successful business strategy demands that strategic business units SB are manned by Managers who are well skilled in managing key fundamentals of success; from motivating and engaging the team, increasing acquisition and retention of profitable customer, account relationships management for value, mitigating risks through compliance and regulatory adherence, to focus on accomplishing the SBs strategic goals.


Many managers achieve this position as a reward for exceptional individual performance. Many are ill equipped to perform management duties since the skills, competencies and behaviours required for superior management are quite different from those that propelled them to individual success.

This workshop focuses on the critical success factors of build a winning culture and managing the team for superior result, including selecting an effective team, motivation and team building, developmental coaching for continuous performance improvement, performance measurement and management, keys to accurate forecasting, and building an action plan for superior management and result. The Workshop will explore how to keep a team motivated and focused on achieving organizational goals.

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